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Hey!! thanks for dropping by! excuse the chaos, but this is my first page, and i'm not too good with computers, SO SHOOT ME, OKAY!!!! anyhow...well, i guess a little about myself.  I am a land surveyor, work in dallas texas, i live in garland texas, just a little outside of Dallas, i am an artist, a musician(rhythm guitarist, used to be in a band, but split up after high school), love Harley's,  love old cars and trucks, love working on them even more,and i smoke Camels.  my favorite kind of music is heavy-hard-metal-punk-speed-thrash-rock--that is to say, i love all kinds of rock music.  favorite bands are RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, WHITE ZOMBIE, NIRVANA, GREEN DAY, AND THEY MIGHT BE GIANTS.  My all-time favorite band is the GRATEFUL DEAD.  yes, although i am only 21 years old, i am a deadhead. 

Tattoos are another one of my favorite things.  that and body piercings.  i now have four tattoos, and plan on getting more.  i had my tongue pierced, but when i got the job at the gas station, they made me take it out.  Ain't that a bitch!!  one of the most menial, low-paying jobs on earth has a problem with body piercings.  the also make me take out my earrings at work, and they also almost made me shave off my goattee.  i said HELL NO!!  IF I HAVE TO SHAVE, SO DOES THE WOMAN BEHIND THE COUNTER!!  oh well.....
i used to skate (skateboard, for those poor, uncoordinated bastards out there who could only master rollerblades.)  i guess i was okay, i couldn't beat tony hawk or anything, but i sure as hell didn't suck.  i stopped about 4 years ago, and tried to get back into it last year.  IT WAS A BAD DEAL, let me tell you.shit, it was worse than that.  i had trouble doing heelflips.  so, that went down the toilet.
i still play guitar, though.  i'm a rhythm guitarist, and like playing Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Nirvana, and Jimi Hendrix. 

Anyhow, now, as i've said before, i live in garland, and hope this helps me persue one of my favorite things:  MINITRUCKIN'. i love minis.  so cool.  i now have a 1987 Mazda B2200,i have shaved the tailgate, molded it to the bed, shaved the stock taillights, and installed a rollpan with a custom license plate box.  There'll be pics up later.